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The Rules of the game, and help.



1) Only one account per person, per game server.
2) No automated processes, macros, scripts or other 'non human being' run account activity is allowed.
3) No sharing or giving out your account details to others.
4) No logging into other people's accounts.
5) Attempts to break into accounts, the game, or otherwise disrupt or slow down the game, or server, are strictly illegal.
6) Using bugs or exploits of any kind, or knowing of and not reporting bugs or exploits, is illegal.
7) Spamming anything else related to or using our name or site, is illegal. Share the site, but please do so respectfully.
8) No profanity in user names, namable weapons/ships/command stars, or anywhere else on game.
9) Any breaking of the rules can result in punishment, suspension, banning, account deletion, or banning of your entire ISP.


Tolah: Ori: Ajna: Indu:
Energy Skills Energy Skills Energy Skills Energy Skills
Attack Power= 5 Attack Power= 5 Attack Power= 0 Attack Power= 0
Attack Skill= 5 Attack Skill= 5 Attack Skill= 0 Attack Skill= 0
Defence Power= 5 Defence Power= 0 Defence Power= 0 Defence Power= 0
Defence Skill= 5 Defence Skill= 0 Defence Skill= 0 Defence Skill= 0
Constitution= 5 Constitution= 0 Constitution= 5 Constitution= 0
Flow= 0 Flow= 0 Flow= 5 Flow= 10
Channeling= 0 Channeling= 0 Channeling= 5 Channeling= 10
Repulsion= 0 Repulsion= 5 Repulsion= 5 Repulsion= 0
Charisma= 0 Charisma= 10 Charisma= 5 Charisma= 0
Max Life Force= 0 Max Life Force= 0 Max Life Force= 10 Max Life Force= 5
Physical Skills Physical Skills Physical Skills Physical Skills
Attack= 15 Attack= 10 Attack= 5 Attack= 0
Defence= 15 Defence= 0 Defence= 5 Defence= 15
Covert= 0 Covert= 0 Covert= 5 Covert= 15
Assassin= 0 Assassin= 20 Assassin= 5 Assassin= 0


The game is turn-based, with turns occurring every thirty minutes.
Upon each turn, you generate a certain amount of in-game currency called Dark Matter Units('DMU'), and 'Undeveloped' Planets.
You can use DMU for everything from Developing worlds to buying weapons.
Undeveloped Planets are gained from your World Acquisition Front, Cosmic Exploratory Fleets, they generate a small income on their own. and can be developed into the various unit types in the game (see Cosmic Development for more details).

Starting Out

When you first start, there are several things to do, and several ways to progress your account. While the options are numerous, a simple yet effective strategy is as follows; With your few planets, you will likely want to develop at least one Labour Planet, and one Conqueror. You will want at least one planetary fleet - get what you can afford after developing the planets. One Intelligence Planet would also be helpful but not necessary. Now you will need more DMU. Going to "The Cosmos' screen will give you available targets from whom you can get DMU - the more you see out the better. You can then either recon/spy them to see what defense they have or you can attack with 1 turn to 'test them out' and see if you can win. If you can, use the full 15 turns to take their DMU. With your DMU, you will want to first repair your Planetary Fleets (weapons), then put all or most of it into Cosmic Fleets to increase your growth rate. This is key. You can -optionally - put more into weapons, labour, or conqueror planets. When you get enough labour planets such that you do not want to easily lose the DMU they produce to others, start to build defender planets and more intelligence planets so you can defend, and avoid easy sabotages. Additionally you may wish to invest some of you DMU into Assassin Planets, so that you can prevent others from laying waste to your developed planets.

The Realm Page

The Realm Page is a general overview of your physical power to your key ascended and growth abilities it will also show you, race, rank, how much Dark Matter Units your generating per turn, how many planets (units) you're getting per day. Effectively its parallel to the Gate Wars 'Base' page.

The Introspection Page

Introspection is a detailed summary of your ascended account, it displays the effectiveness as an ascended being among other physical stat actions. It's a page that just gives you a basic, overall look of yourself of how well your doing.

The Powerup Page

This is your training page, very much like the Main Wars, train your untrain units, in this case 'Unvisited Planets', to a varity of different units. Each race in the ascended server has different names for their planet types. They do however follow a basic form:
Unvisited Planets This is the 'Untrained Unit' of the ascended server
Income Planets labouring race, produce income (Dark Matter Units), this is your 'Miners' of the ascended server
Attack Planets These are your "Normal Type" Attack Units
Attack Systems These are the "Super Type" Attack units, it is like the Main Wars, you can NOT untrain these units. They will directly take 5 untrained planets to make 1 super attack planet, you do not need to train attack planets first (like main).
Defence Planets These are your "Normal Type" Defense Units
Defence Systems Similar to attack systems, untrainable, take 5 untraind planets to create 1 of.
Covert Planets These are your Covert type units, these are used for spying, god questing.
Assassin Planets These are your Anti-Covert Type units, these are used for a variety of features like destoying military/intelligence.

Planetary Fleets

This is the Armory page for your Attack and Defense Units. Basicly the same as the Main Wars, the difference is that the Mothership of the ascended server (known as the Command Star) has it's own button the Navigation menu, as well as different titles for the Attack and Defense weapons.

The Cosmos

This is the Battlefeild of the Ascended Server, where you can attack, communicate, spy, god quest, destroy and much more.

Historic Battles

This is the Attack Log of the Ascended Server, like main server of TGW, it will list all the attacks that have happened over a set period.

Histories of Deceipt

This is your Intelligence page, like the main server, it lists all the covert activities.

The Cosmic Trade page

This is the Marketplace of the ascended server, the major differences of this market place is that you trade as many of times you want per week (not like the main server that you only have 3 trades a week), you can NOT get PPT, as well as NOT having the ability to trade with other players in this server.

The Command Star page

This is a page to build or service your command star (similar to a mothership).


Send Message --- pretty obvious feat, send message to the player your currently viewing.
Military Operations: Attack --- Generic attack, steals Dark Matter Units (DMU for short), also kills defense planets.
Destroy --- Kills defense planets. Both attacking and defending sides loses large amount of units.
Hunt Assassins --- Kills Assassins using your Attacking Units (Assassins are the counter-intelligence unit).
Intelligence Operations:
Recon --- see what the targeted player has, other words spying.
God Quest --- Main Account name and personal stats, this knowledge is ideal for descending the targeted player.
Sabotage --- sabotage weaponry.
Assassin Operations:
Destroy Intelligence --- Kills off Intelligence type planet/unit.
Destroy Military --- Kills off Attack/Defence type planet/unit.
Ascended Being Action:
Assault 'Username' Directly --- An ability to descend another player.

Updates back

Game Updates ranging from earliest to latest

2014 December

* Players can now attack when phased.
* Each attack will unphase you slightly - in a similar manner to how tournaments apply it.

2014 November

* Various cosmectic updates.
* More options in preferences page.
* Various optimisations.

2014 October

* In a similar fashion to receiving mass and energy, you may get back some wreckage only turns. These turns are only useable in wreckages, and are capped at 20,000, you will not receive any caches from using these turns and they will not 'count' towards turns used in a wreckage.
In short, they will only get you more energy and mass, and in tougher tier wreckages they can help you finish it off (if you use them to prepare for one). You will also be required to start the demi with normal turns.

2014 September

* Arena matches now officially automated, starting every 2 (ish) weeks from the end of the last. The winner of the last chooses the next.
* You can change your godly gender in the preferences page.

2014 June

* Ranks to ME added.
* Energy/mass/turns used for wreckages added to ME.
* More achievements added, a few altered to provide easier flow, less emphasis on stats and a few cryptic achievements added (some have hints you can hover over to see). You will notice that you're brought back to any (new) unfinished achievements, prizes cannot be claimed again, nor have they changed.
* Overall, obtaining energy is cheaper than originally planned and demis dont cost as much. Wreckages also 'finish' when all mass and energy are zeroed (so there is no wait for the timer to finish).
* Equip thresholds (see cosmic dev) have been decreased slightly.
* Experience for a demi is now gained when used in a wreckage (approx. 10 exp per turn, typical farming exp).

2014 May

--== Demi-Gods 2.00 ==--
It's recommended you read everything before pressing buttons and finding out they unleash terrible things

Changes to the current code
* The amount of abilities and disabilites able to be found has risen to somewhere in the region of 80, reaching many aspects of gameplay.
* It's easier to find demi-gods now, at about (a very rough) 1 per 1.5k turns used.
* Skill levels are uncapped, but the tier will still be a fairly big cornerstone for the abilities power.
* Experience is gained along with battles, it's based on quite a few variables but essentially comes down to getting more if it's a 'fair fight'. Your demis gain the same amount of experience (i.e. it wont get divided up).
* You can change your equipped demi-gods once every 30 minutes (a turn change).
* The amount of demis you can find and amount you can equip has been changed, see below.
* Demi gods page has a few colours now.
* Given the large array of abilities and finding demis are easier you can no longer force change your demi-gods disability.
* Skill upgrades are cheaper.

New additions
* There are 2 new resources, mass and energy (well, energy cells, each cell contains about 718.89 PJ of nearly raw energy), you use mass to build M2 Stargates - a newer version of the Ori Stargate schematic being fueled by mixture of Naquadah and refined Dark Matter- allowing a far greater and stable
wormhole radii i.e mass transport. The time for any object to be tranported through the instance of the wormhole created is proportional to various factors but more prominently the mass flux, meaning a Demi-God sent through takes a matter of milliseconds to cross entires galaxies. It's considered to be
the next version of the Stargate. of demi-gods around the various realms - compared to traditional methods, and energy to keep demi-gods equipped (think of it as an upkeep).
* Given the impact of demi-gods, the various abilities, and peoples bad luck, everyone starts off with a base demi. You. You were once great. Sometimes you still are....(new people will get it on turn change)
* M2 Stargates can be built in cosmic development, the more you build the more demi-gods you can manage and equip, and as a by product of broadening your reach, you make
yourself more avaiable, so it also increases the probability of finding other demi-gods.
* Energy is required for demi-gods, you only need to give them the raw form so they can do as they please, pay for what they need to get the job done etc. If they require certain products they have
the tools and the means to form the energy into mass.
* The cost of equipping demi's becomes more costly than a typical addition of both energy requirements.
* Speaking of energy/mass conversion, you can do it to! Heading over to the trade you can force an equilirbium between your mass and energy. This isn't a direct conversion it just forms a rough equalisation.
Don't forget resonance, heat, light, sound losses account for a small percentage of what you attempt to equalise, so you end up with a less.
* So how do you actually begin to get energy/mass? From wreckages. In the demi-gods page there is a new section called wreckages, all wreckages are available to every player. You can send one demi-god in per wreckage, the more turns you give your demi-god
initially and during the wreckage scavenge, the more energy and mass they can retrieve.
During the process they can randomly find caches of technology which can contain various items, generally not useful to an Ascended God, but to a Demi-God....
You will begin to notice not all wreckages, battles and wars are the same, all have timers, you should note your demis can DIE in wreckages, never to be retrieved and revived. Most battles are fought until the last enemy entity is dead
and the army is recalled shortly after to avoid pointless costs and reinforcements, but it's common for the last entity alive to set a tripwire or deadman switch to a Naquadah or Dark Matter based bomb - the latter is likely to be directed at planet forcing a gravitational collapse
resulting in a supernovic event.

In short, the time is how long everyone has left before the demi-god they sent in to retrieve mass and energy dies. Once your demi starts, it cannot stop and it cannot abort the scavenge. YOU MUST drain ALL the raw fuel (energy and mass) from the wreckages to effectively diminish any explosions.
You will also note wreckage tiers and resource densities, the tiers are based on the 'hardness' of the wreckage, the highter the tier the less time it starts with before it's destroyed, on the flipside since less entities are interested in it they have higher densities of resources to start with.
Greater densities result in more resources per turn used, and yes densities go down the amount that's left.
Greater tiers result in more resources per turn used.
Greater tier/skill of the demi sent in results in more resources per turn used.

Upon the timer finishing and turn change occuring, your demi will either be given back to you along with the caches and resources they find or you will never see them again.....

Also, demis need to be unequipped to be sent in, and you cannot equip them while they're gone (obviously).
--== endof ==--

* We also have new sidebars!!!! If you can't see them, google 'force page refresh' and find the keys to use. You can change back in your preferences (realm page, bottom right)
* We have no background! Yes, time to remove those taccy backgrounds created an eternity ago, hopefully be able to do something about the top few pics as well.
* Powerup page has two optimise options that will delegate the chosen life force to upgrade what you have in the cheapest fashion, in the case of CER it will just generally increase your charisma and tell you what you should do for fleets.
* Demi-gods can now be spied using God Quest, you will figure out quite fast how it works, more info -> bigger covert, see more -> bigger covert.
* I think there are a few more things but I forgot. A few other bits and pieces will be added/changed in another wave of updates, most likely wont be announced, nothing majorly game changing.

With all this in mind, don't expect things will stay static, a few numbers might change - testing with a few people on the dev is not the same as a few hundred people playing around with it in few hours.

And no, demis wont be removed due to the new M2 Stargates, it just means you wont find any new ones and you still won't be able to equip them all.

In short
- demis require energy to upkeep, bigger tier/skill = more upkeep, energy is gained from wreckages.
- your ability to hold and equip demis is based on your stargates (built in cosmic dev) which require mass to build which you find in wreckages.
- you send your demi into a wreckage, throw turns at them, if the wreckage is fully harvested when the timer is up you get your demi and the resources its harvested (on turn change), otherwise it dies.

2013 December

* Deaths for covert and assassin affairs were a bit skewed on a failed attempt, this has now changed to a static 30% death rate of units sent in if mission was a failure.

2013 November

* added a personal (permanent) descension history log, showing who you have descended and when, along with who has descended you and when. Demigods news feed is there as well. Access using a link near your kills
* added a direct link to achievements (just under military records).
* top 10 farmers (per day, per 14 days), top ten link at top left.
* Option for solid black background in preferences (bottom right of realm), some pages may still need to be fixed to show, most are ok.
* a few bugs fixed in histories of deceipt and battles, also sort by attack type available.
*added show/hide to demi god stories (helps with mobile browsers), automatically hidden, requires JS to be enabled
. * The closer you are to rank one the more bonus turns you will get upon turn change:
(Rank): (bonus turns per turn change)
Rank 1: 5 turns
Rank 2-5: 4 turns
Rank 6-10: 3 turns
Rank 11-50: 2 turns
Rank 50-100: 1 turn
This is more or less a trial run, numbers may be changed or interchanged with some other benefit.

* God Diversion Power is a measure of 'how fast' you can recover from a standard 1 billion TOC attack, if you divide that number by 1 million you will arrive at the amount of turn changes it takes for you to recover from the attack (assuming infinite LFR). This means a lower number is better, and hence is ranked as such.

2013 April

* Some defence personal levels of the defender will now decrease (temporarily and only in combat) during descensions, the amount they decrease is proportionaly to life force + life force reserves
divided by their maximum to a minimum of 50% of the attackers personal levels. Also this will only be seen in battle for players who attack defending targets with a personal powerup summation of 1500 or less
than theirs, i.e your attack power + attack skill + defence power + .... minus theirs must be 1500 or smaller (so basically if you're much larger than your opponent you get no help).
God questing will show you what personals will look like in battle (if they change at all).
* To allow for consistency, the true value of TOC will be seen in battle for the defenders retalliation, as it was based on the old value.
Both of these updates allow for a bit more action between sizes of players and personal Descension Battles.

2013 February

* APP to life force has been altered; some will now convert automatically every turn change, the amount that is converted is based on your total planet count
to a minimum of 400 billion life force obtained and a maximum of 1 trillion, per day. APP to LF conversion RATE has NOT been changed. Keep in mind you naturally gain life force
cache as well, so the calculated value may not be exactly what you get every turn change.
This continually converts your APP into life force down until 18,020 ish APP, at which point it will stop so you can still convert APP to AT's.
Take note, the automatic conversion ceases if you're in a tournament or vacated.

2013 January

* Saved box actually saves messages!

2012 December

* A glorious race war has swept the universe! It has now subsided, the following prizes have been given out:

For the winning race (Ori):
1% increase to CEF if over 1 mill
5% if between 500k and 1 mill
10% if under 500k
Title of 'Supreme Race'
A bit of respect from the Tournament Overlord.
+1 mill LF for players < 1 mill planets
+1 bill LF for players 1 -100 mill planets
+1 trilll LF for players < 100-1 bill planets
+10 trilll LF for players > 1 bill planets

For the race coming in second (Indu):
+5 to defence physical to a max of 1500
Title of 'Almost Supreme'

For those that are apart of the winning race and have done something in the arena (more than just a few attacks):
You will obtain Hades (very rare demi god).
Other participators (that made an attempt at a few attacks, regardless of race):
Full turn refill
Title of 'Race War 2012 Player'

If you have ever had more than one title, you can alternate them in your preferences page (bottom right of the realm page).

2012 November

* Prices for weapons have been increased, giving way to the greater possibility to utilize sabotage (this may be changed).
* Untrained planets now produce 1/25 th of an income planet as opposed to what it was before at 1/100 th. I.e your income will rise.
* Trading APP for Life force and turns uses two separate times now.

2012 September

* Similarly to main, DMU has been transformed into an image in order to curb scripting, happy farming.
* Help & Rules guide is now better!
* Equipping Command Stars with offensive and defensive weapons now costs more, the recent increase in power of the CS brought rise
to an increase in demand of weaponary!

2012 August

* You can now convert ALL of your APP into a full turn refill, once per 2 weeks, you must also have at least 18,000 APP to convert.
* Realm alert meter added in the realm page
* Players can now recon and god quest when phased, conversley players can recon and god quest players that are phased
* Team deathmatch has been made
* Regarding the May updates, achievements have been created, they are viewable in the military records, prizes ensue after completion of each set.
* (old update although never mentioned) It's possible to change your race on ascended also effecting your main ascended title (e.g the unknown of the x).
This can be done in the realm page down the bottom right hand corner of the screen under change details/preferences.
* CER cap is now at 5 billion planets, your CER will decrease when you hit the 5 billion planet count, the actual decrease % will remain the same which means
those that have been devastated in battle, and new comers, will be able to regenerate/grow faster, without other people over 5 billion planets being able to
grow at a faster rate.
* Influence action had two different formulas (as some of you would have noticed when increasing powerups around turn change), one formula has been used across the field now.
* In the introspection page, under total offensive capacity, your scouts provide you with the next TOC above you, something to aim for.

2012 June

* You have now be given the opportunity to change your demi-gods disability ONCE only for a cost in your life force, two things are guaranteed to happen; 1. You will not get the same one as you bad before, 2. You will not get the same as the 'upside'.
* Demi auctions now allow bidding in life force, when you bid in life force it counts as a little bit more than dmu, so you are better off bidding in dmu, although it is slightly more dangerous to.
When the auction is over you will get back everything in DMU form (so you can bid a bit of life force and a bit of dmu, but it will ALL return in dmu).
* The destroy military quick attack button has now changed into a god quest quick spy button, in which it will send ALL of your trained spies to God Quest the opponent.

2012 May

* New update for beginners to the most elite players, go find!!.
* It may require you to buy a little something if you have it already so it will actually check.
* It's also easily adaptable, more will most likely be added, also you will unlock another higher more challenging grade after you complete the one that is there

2012 February

* ID/name search added to logs.
* Ability to turn off quick attack buttons in the change details/preferences.
* page jump added to relations pages .
* Arena/tournaments added with some epic prizes. Details on this can be viewed when the sign up for the tournament is active.
* Experience bar added to demis to gauge how far away they are from upgrading.
* More abilities (rare) available to find for demi-gods. The demi-god mechanics are being reviewed, small changes ensue.
* Clicking the 'equip selected' button in the demi-gods page, WITHOUT any demi-gods selected, will un-equip every demi-god now.
* Military records are now available above the personal log link in the realm page, these are NOT ranked.

2012 January

-------=== The Era of Demi-Gods! ===------
On your journey through realms and galaxies, during battles, wars, reconnaissance, God Questing, Descending and such, many races watch and some people measure, at your skill or speed, and even the honor wrought during the event.
Some entities (half gods if you will) search for people, to aid them in their quest, or for a home, for a master, or purely by nature or what 'God wills'.

I'll attempt to explain it to allow the new users to grasp the concept faster, and further divulge in a bit of detail and probability for people who want to know things...
* The term Demi-God can include anything from a half ascended entity, to a very strong or intellectual person.
* Each Demi-God has an ability and a disadvantage, there are numerous abilities, some are very powerful, some are tactical, some are what you probably would expect, and some are something you would have never anticipated.
* Demi-Gods will find you, in any battle (attack to a destroy military to an ascended attack), they are more likely to have an ability in the surroundings you use, e.g you are
more likely to find a Demi-God with an increase in attack, when you are attacking than what you would be God Questing.
* Demi-Gods have two other imperitive things, a tier level and a skill level, tier's designate how powerful the Demi-God is (and therefore rarity, coloured coded with their alias/name as well)
and skill level indicates how knowledgeable a Demi-God is; after you have had the Demi-God in your possession for sometime you will be presented with the option in buying
better equipment and stores of knowledge for them (upgrade skill level), which in turn increases their ability, but only slightly, albeit permananently. Mind you this will also increase their disadvantage.
* Demi-Gods cannot be taken away from you unless you remove them from your presence (or otherwise said in another update).
* When a Demi-God wants to join you, they will send you a request via the ingame PM system.
* You can view, remove, and see requests in the Demi-God page.
* You can only choose your equipped Demi-Gods once every day, you can equip only 3.
* You can only choose 6 Demi's to be in constant contact with.
* You can only have a maximum of 6 Demi requests, anymore and no Demi will send you one.
* Requests will be removed by the Demi after 3 days with no warning.
* Requests can stop being received via the ingame PM by going to "change details/preferences" in the realm page, and turning it off from there.
* Occasionally there will be a Demi-God who decides to merc themselves out in cosmic trade, an auctioning system has been set up to accomodate this.
* Occasionally there will be a Demi-God who chooses they want an arena match, an arena will be set up whereby you win by destroying all other participants defences (or designated action).
* Due to the nature of repulsion between objects from parallel universes, having a Demi-God will repel all parallel versions of it, until you get rid of it you have no chance of finding another,
with or without a better tier or skill set.
* Also because of the raw nature of parallel universes, you might come across a Demi with the same name, but different Tier level or ability set, although some Demi-Gods have a semi-permanent role in
universe (you could call it pivitol) and as such they only have 1 set of abilities, these ones have the rarest of abilities.

Probabilities, details, I'll shove them in points for an easy read.
* Obviously, the higher the tier the harder it is to find.
* The more lucrative the ability, the harder it is to find. (as of time of development there were 14 different skills each with their own disadvantage, which can increase at any time)
* Some abilities may require you to do something first, or you may only be able to get them one way.
* Some abilities only have a possibilty to be gained if the demi was chosen to be at a certain tier level.
* Arena's, auctions etc, don't guarantee you will be the only person to have that Demi-God, or skill set, however some warning may be given if the Demi will be 'one of a kind'.
* The framework of the idea is largely durable, things can change easily and I'm quite sure they will.
* You will be penalised (in tier form) if you are up against an action that is significantly smaller than yours, e.g if you have a 80 quad attack and go for someone who has a defence of 10 quad,
you may still find a Demi, but the max tier it could possibly be may only be tier 1.
* Infact you will have to have a set action to be able to have a chance to gain a Demi-God with a certain tier level. e.g 20 q attack may only let you have a possibility to gain a max tier 2.
* At of this moment in time, typing the updates right now ( a few days before I assume this will launch) there are roughly over 30,000 calculated permutations/combinations of Demi-Gods and skill sets.
Mind you that number is purely for ones that you could encounter while attacking etc. Opening up the full set there are about 40,000 possible combinations, and it will grow soon.

* the most hostile people in the top 10, has been changed, it will calculate hostility based around how many turns is used as well now.
* checkbox was added when converting turns to a name change so users dont hit the button 'by accident' wink wink nudge nudge.
* you can now see the relations of another person towards you in the stats page.
* quick attack buttons now co-exist with is, namely recon, attack and destroy military, each using maximal amounts.
* costs for weapons are adjusted to a more reasonable and 'real' amount.
* 1/5th, 5x rule bugs are now cleared.
* you can now god quest people you are at peace with.
* due to the increase in weapon cost, the attack multiplier has been disabled for now, although it still may be altered and used.

2011 December

* On the realm summary page: cosmetic fixes were applied, mostly formatting numbers.
* Introspection page: Ascended Resurrections saved, was a mysterious concept, it is now removed from sight until needed. More cosmetic fixes followed, multiple boldings, decimal additions to percentages and "life force level" renamed to "Maximum Natural Energy Capacity" to follow some consistency with words (stop a bit of confusion for newer players).
* Powerup page: Multiples added to ease off the button mashing.
* Sidebar: It has been cleaned, and a link to the personal log has been added below the message inbox link.
* When spying or GQ'ing, the numbers are more pleasant to the eyes.
* Command Star has now consistent numbers in battle, commandstar page, and on the realm summary.
* Command Star page has had a few textbox size increase when buying attack and defence.
* Removed non-active (vac'ed etc) accounts from cosmos, although they can still be searched manually.
* Added two new ranks, God Offensive Capacity and God Diversion Power they are NOT included in the overall rank.
* Doubled turn holdings to 4k
* Increased the AP -> life force conversion rate to make it more worthwhile.
* Increased 'Destroy' so it's more effective at killing planets (per x turns).
* Increased 'Destroy Military' turns needed to 20, as well as increasing the offender's death rate slightly to allow for a more balanced (and not overpowered) function.
* Allowed for a purchase of a name change via cosmic trade.
* Allowed for a race change via preferences.
* NEW LOGIN SCREEN! Durable and web 2.0, the looks may change over time...
* Top 10 Rankings (accessible top left of any page bar login), you have the ability to keep your fame a secret or look prestigous, if you want to be known go to the 'change account details/preferences' at the bottom right of the 'realm' navigation menu section, tick the box and confirm. By default everyone is **Anonymous**.
* The planet 'cap' where your CER peaks before it slowly decays, is now 3 billion (up from 2), decay calculations remain the same however.


* Turns given to 11 per 30minutes. (up from 10).
* Personal ascended attack -> if the attacker loses ALL their life force, and then some (where some = 2xtheir life force. so you need to lose all LF, all reserve AND 2xFL more to descend self.), they descend themselves!! For 2 kills awarded.
* Added a check on being to being attacks, to ensure total offensive capacity (TOC) is at least 10% of the target potential. Below this and you are not fit to battle them. At the very least this stops accidental self-descension.
The above 2 items were introduced (or reinstated actually, in a way) to stop attackers from tying up potential attackers with pointless/no chance of success battles. If you take on a monster, you may get eaten.
* Added a peronal log to record your godly thoughts and such.
* Undeveloped planets now produce minimal income (1% of an income production planet)
* Lower ranked players do not generate additional turns per turn. It was fun while it lasted :) Everyone gets 10 turn/turn now.

* Considering doubling ToC moving the time between ascended on ascended attacks back to 3 hours.
* Set relations returns you to the players stat page, not your base.
* Added 'reset relations' option.
* Increased ascended attack power to formula: energyLifeForce * (1+ energyAttackPowerLevel/1000) * (1+ energyAttackPowerLevel/1000) * (1+ energyAttackSkillLevel/1000) * (1+ energyAttackSkillLevel/1000)
This effectively increases the TOC making it a *bit* easier to descend someone, without altering the time it takes to do so.


* You can now attack another being each 2.5hours instead of 3 hours (ascended battle - god on god).
* You can now do a maximum of 2/5ths a beings life force reserve max, opposed to a 1/3rd before. (about 20% more possible damage)
* Command star power is multipied by your Physical Realm Attack Power and Physical Realm Defense Power. (well by level over 100)
* A descended realm in Ascension cannot re-ascend in main while descended.
* ToC is increased. It used to be: Life Force * ( Energy Attack Power Level/1000 * Energy Attack Power Level/1000 ) -- it is now that, multiplied by a further (Energy Attack Power Level/1000)

2008 ongoing - more fine tuning

* You can now only engage realms up to 5x your 'size' (planet counts), or 1/5th your size. This replaces the rank limitations, and the change is to eliminate the attack/drop ranks in order to become unattackable by the one you just attacked. Unless you remove your planets: if you can attack them, they can attack you....(excludes ascended attack, and spying...)
* The Cosmic Exploration, when above 2billion army size, still slows - but not by nearly as much before.
* Rank is now based 50% on planet counts/influence and 50% on other ranks (was 100% planet counts/influence).
* Rank mod on ascended attack is removed. Only the 'max damage' per hit cap, and maximum size difference to actually attack, remains ...
* Ascended Points per day increased, and continues to increase with time.
* Ascended Points conversion rate increased slightly, and will increase more quickly with time.
* Field sizes allowed in various pages are increased.

Oct 24, 2007 ongoing - fine tuning

* God Quest (spy on enemy god) now displays their Life Force Reserves, as well as life force. (from this point onwards - past recons will not show this value)
* The minimum time between ascended attacks has moved from 4 hours, to 3 hours. With the recovery rates as they are now, it was possible to recover more than the maximum damage one attack could do to you, within the 4 hour timeframe. (meaning you could never be descended because you recovered too quickly). The 3 hour limit should address that....
* Ascended Battles require you to have 10x the enemy defence, in offence. This allows you to neutralize their army completely, while you (the ascended being) can then enter the realm undisturbed. You will ONLY engage in an ascended battle with your enemy - the armies do not get involved.
In short - you need 10x the enemy defence to engage in an ascended battle, but armies do not come into play - it is pure one on one.

Sept 27, 2007

Large changes, server wide. Goal: Making ascension more actively playable/fun, re-balancing the server to support this. Ensuring continued focus and attention on ascension returns rewards not stripped away within minutes/days...
these are the 'broad brush' changes...i will try to provide the math/specifics over the next while...


1) ascension server will get 10days PPT for everyone.
2) closing server now to do migration...
3) life force above max life force will get converted to cache.
4) everyone will get the AP of their last ascension, minimum of 100,000 and max of 5,000,000 -- the upper/lower limits are in place since ascensions could have taken place anytime over 2 years, and what it took to get 100,000 APP 2 years ago was far far greater relative to what 100k or even 500k would be a month the range of 100k to 5000k (50 times as much!) will be the min/max ... i believe this is fair.
UPDATE ON 4 - The minimum was changed to 900,000 (100k+800k as the update) --this is to further compensate for the 'worth' of resources in main, from 2 years ago to recently, as most of the early ascenders only got the minimum even though --for the time-- they ascended with a relatively large value.

1) the APP <> LF rate of aprox 1200 to 1 (growing daily) will go live. The 'growth per day' may change over time, but this is the initial and 'base' rate now.
2) Life Force will max at life force max. Above this, it goes into LF reserves. When reserves and life force are full, it goes into LF cache. This is true of DMU<>LF, life force gained per turn, LF from APP, etc...
3) Cache can be moved into reserves, or LF.
4) upgrades can be bought with cache & life force (not reserves) - with cache used first. LF only used if you are 'short' in your cache.
5) Rework of the cost of levels. (cheaper at lower levels, gets more expensive, exponentially, above 500.) No caps on most stats, no realistic caps on the rest...
6) Rework of the benefits of levels. They are not as 'powerful' as before, with a couple exceptions like charisma, production ...
7) Rework of the cost of fleets. Slightly reduced, and a new 'soft cap' causing fleets to get more expensive past 100k production.
8) When planet count gets to 2billion, the growth rate/discovered planet rate, drops...There is no ' big drop' at this level, but the further you get from the 2bil planet count, the more the 'dead planet finds' increase as a percent of the total finds...again this is just production/finds per turn and not existing planets.
9) Raid is gone.
10) SuperWeapon is gone.
11) Every active account generates APP each turn...
12) Turns can be traded for DMU (not the other way around).

1) No limit on number of ascensions/limit of 20 ascensions (not decided, but wont need to be for a while). They get much more expensive in UP minimum required at 10+.
2) The bonus of +1% per level above 5 remains....
3) Ascended accounts in vacation mode: the main account does not receive the bonus on income or attack (this is new). The bonus on def/covert and the ascended blessing remain at 1/2 strength. Weapons remain.
4) If you wish to DESCEND YOURSELF - ie 'quit ascension' .. you can. You will become a 'Daimon' - basicly a fallen divinity...This is the only race open to fallen ascendeds who chose their own demise...The bonuses are: whatever your ascended account was giving to your main account at the time of banishing yourself, MINUS the ascended blessing (so no unique tech to this race.) (for example if you were prior, you got 5% bonus on att/def/cov/income, and the ascended blessing, and new weapon valus. You keep all but the ascended blessing.) A Daimon DOES NOT GAIN GLORY and, in battle and covert, TAKES DOUBLE CASULAITIES -- basicly, they are living fast and dying fast :). From this race, you can choose a fully mortal race, or keep this race. No other options.
5) : Lifer suicide missions to kill enemy anti-covert in main. 5 lifers die to get 1 enemy AC. You must have 20% of their defence in attack to get your lifers close enough, but there is no 'fight' of armies... and your lifers will always succeed at the above rate...
6) ascension does not take your mothership, you do not gain APP for your mothership.

July 18, 2007

DMU to Life Force Conversion Rate
When a specific number of overall planets are reached, it becomes more expensive to get Life Force via DMU. That number is quite large - right now set to 700million. With that much of an empire to manage, your life force is spread over a wider area, making it more expensive, because it is less efficient, to infuse yourself with such power via the DMU.

June 20, 2007

Rank & Raid
Rank is now 100% based on influence action (number of planets and planet systems controlled).
Raid now ONLY takes undeveloped planets - NOT 'worker planets' as well. Also of note is that 'initiate revolution' has increased SLIGHTLY in how many planets will revolt.

Mar 12, 2007

Turn Rate
After complaints of the turn rate increase, specifically how it helps the big guys and only hurts those trying to catch up, I have taken a bold bold step, that can in no possible way be intrepreted as serving the needs of the big players. In fact, I risk offense on that front in this attempt, but will trial it regardless.
The ascended cosmos have the ascended equivalent of a black hole in the very core of their fabric of existence. It is a black hole, actually, but a higher dimensional black hole swallowing entire universes of lower dimensions..It is also a huge source of power, so the more powerful ascended beings naturally gravitate to it...
Now - the downside to this is that it affects the flow of time. It slows time down. Thus...The closer to the anomoly (ie the higher the rank) the less action turns are generated each turn. The further away, the more action turns are generated per turn.
This -ontop of some of the other more recent changes - should keep the Ascended realm more least that is the goal...
Ascended SuperWeapon Auction
As a response as the auction being used as a method to move funds between friendly accounts, the superweapon has taken offence to being used in such a way. Yes - it is sentient, self-aware, and likely even a lot smarter than much of the life in the cosmos. From this point forward, it is likely that selling the weapon will not return the same results as previously ... although exactly what will happen only the super weapon will know and determine....
Ascended on Ascended Attack
It was pointed out that a huge life force in defence, was not really contributing to the defence of the Ascended Being since the maximum that could be used was the max life force (and not the available or overage life force.) In response to this, the maximum that can be used in defence is 5x your life force IF YOU HAVE THE LIFE FORCE AVAILABLE!
The same holds true for attacking.

Mar 5, 2007

'Too Damaged' Limit - is still the same, although the rate at which damage counts decrease (per turn), has increased.
Turn rate doubled

Feb 15, 2007

This is now active. To descend someone you must attack their god directly, by yourself, as a god. You must first beat their physical defences (advisable to remove them before trying a personal attack on them!), and only then will you be able to assault them directly.
The concept is that life force is your max attack - which is then multiplied by your attack stats.
Their life force is their max defence - again multiplied by their defence stats.
Damage is done to each god, and this value removed from your life force AND RESERVES if it is greater than you life force. This is true for attacker and defender.
A maximum of 1/3 of their total reserves maximum can be destroyed each hit.
An ascended battle takes 4 realtime hours - so you cannot attack if you or they have/are battling (ie its been less than 4 hours since last battle.)
When reservers + life force is zero - they are descended.
Descended accounts cannot take any action on ascended for 14 days. Then get a 4 day protection to remedy their failures :). (this is the 'release' values. They may change over time, based on your feedback).
While descended, the main account gets no bonuses from the ascended account.

If your ascended account is in vacation, your main realm gets only 50% of the ascended bonuses.

Ascended Superweapon:
It is the most powerful weapon on this plane. It will decimate a gods realm. There is but one weapon in the entire realm. It can be obtained on the cosmic market IF someone is selling it, else it moves according to its own will amongst those on this plane.
Once acquired - it will stay but 48hours before dematerializing (or whatever higher dimensional word is the 4dimensional equal to that word...)
If you buy it, it must be used or lost. It will not stand to be regifted!!!
If it is used on a realm, it takes 30 days for its energy to dissipate enough that it will be effective once again in that timespace.

Input fields:
Most input fields are bigger. Some have 'quantity' input where they did not before. If any are missing, or should be bigger, use the forum to name the page & field.

Ranking & Rank Effects:
Your rank is determined 50% by your influence, and 50% by the combination of attack/defence/covert/assassin/commander star ranks.
A rank modifier is in place - in effect the energy it takes to travel to lower energy realms dissipates your energy, preventing you from using your full potential. If you 'attack up', you benefit from the additional energy in that realm, and can actually increase your own power. There are limits, of course, on how much energy you can gain or lose.
The 'energy' that affects your abilities is determined 50% by your total energy, and 50% by the activity you are engaging in.
Being almost omniscient, you will know ahead of time how the realm energy will affect you.

Ascended and Main Account Link:
If you use your covert to spy on the enemy god, you have a chance of also determining which main server realm worships that god.

Command Star:
Is 100 times more powerful than ever before.

Planet Exploring Fleets:
At a certain point, the cost of increasing this fleet size increases dramatically. As of this writing, less than a handful would notice this effect.

Tag Yourself:
You can add a 'tag' to your godly name, in the preferences area. It can be changed at any time. Misc:
yes, likely some misc too. Certainly additional security is in this misc, as are a few other minor items.

Things change. That is true in this realm, as it is in any other. Expect change. Embrace change. Adopt to change.

If you know the candle is fire then the meal was cooked a long time ago.

The reed that does not bend to the wind, breaks.

Donít stand in the entrance
Donít block up the vale
For he that gets hurt
Will be he who has stalled
Thereís a battle outside
And it is raging.

have fun!


Use the Forum, 'Game Suggestions' catagory in the Ascended Hidden Forum (ask a moderator to allow you access, give them your game username for validation of ascension), to suggest new features, changes to current features, or even rebalancing of existing features if you feel they are too strong/weak/etc....

Thank you. Admin & co.

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